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Guaranteed prizes up for Grabs.

Buy in for R50 CASH per entry at Cash desk

You asked for it, and we listened; Roulette SpinOff now until 19h00!

A R50 cash buy-in will have you in with a chance in this tournament’s weekly Qualifying Rounds. If you’re one of the Top 7 on the running leaderboard, you will make it through to the weekly Final Round! Prize pot will be ‘winner-takes-all’ funded by buy-ins plus a massive R5,000 – that’s a guaranteed R11,500 to be won weekly!

Roulette SPIN OFF weekly Qualifying Rounds take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in June from 14h00. The Roulette SPIN OFF Final Rounds will take place on Thursdays at 18h00.

Not a Rewards Member? No problem – just take your South African ID or drivers’ licence to the Customer Service Desk to sign up FREE!

How Do I Enter?

Qualifying Round Mechanics

Dates: Monday -Wednesday 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 & 23 June 2021

Times:  From 14h00

The tournament will take place on The Ridge Casino’s main gaming floor at dedicated promo table AR2. A dealer for each day will be dedicated to the tournament.

R50 CASH buy-in per entry.

Players may enter as many times as they wish during the tournament.

Buy-ins will take place at Cash Desk, you need to bring proof of buy-in to dedicated AR2 promo Table to be allocated a playing slot.

A maximum of 3 (three) players at a time will constitute a heat, with a minimum of 1 (one) player.

After buying in, each player will receive 3 (three) x stacks of colour chips, each chip will represent R10.

Players will be given 3 (three) spins of 60 (sixty) seconds each to bet.

Players must play every spin. Missing a spin or hiding chips will result in a player being disqualified for that round.

At the end of 3 (three) spins, the chips will be totalled, and entries will be made onto the leader board if achieved.

An automatic leader board will be displayed reflecting the top 15 (fifteen) players.

Values won will not be carried forward.

Final Round Mechanics

Date: Every Thursday | 10, 17 & 24 June 2021

Time: 18h00

The Roulette SPIN OFF Final round will commence at exactly at 18h00 on a Thursday.

The players holding the Top 7 high scores on the running leader board during that week’s qualifying period will qualify to play in this round.

The Top 7 players will take seating position at the table by way of a selection process.

Spin Off Tournament Day Prizes:

1st: R5,000 In Cash + R500 Non-Negs + All Monies From Buy-Ins.|
2nd & 3rd: R1,500 In Cash + R500 Non-Negs.
4th – 7th: R500 Tables FreePlay Each.

Please Remember

Slot Machines and Tables are limited in terms of COVID-19 protocols so the number of guests allowed at any one time may be restricted.

Wear a mask at all times whilst at The Ridge Casino.

Practise your social distancing.

Play safe.


Tournament Rules, Terms and Conditions

  1. Only persons over the age of 18 may participate. Any person who is currently refused entry to the casino or who is self-excluded prior to or during the tournament may not participate and will be disqualified.
  2. Designated and demarcated operational table will be utilised for the tournament. Live games will not be offered at the affected operational table during tournament sessions, however live games may resume at this table when it is not being utilised for tournament purposes.
  3. Any buy-ins for casino specific qualifying rounds not played prior to the closing time every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 14h00 of the qualifying rounds will be forfeited.
  4. Entry to each heat of the tournament is by way of cash buy-in of R50 cash, Players may re-enter as many times as they wish by way of re-buys provided that the re-buys are for different heats.
  5. Buy-ins will take place at Cash desk, guest to bring proof of buy-in to dedicated AR promotional Table in order to be allocated a playing slot.
  6. The aim being to end in the Top 7 on the promotional leader board at end of qualifying rounds taking place on a Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 14h00, to partake in the Spin Off finals on a Thursday at 18h00 on tournament days.
  7. The Roulette Spin Off Final round will commence at exactly 18h00 on tournament final days.
  8. To adhere to social distancing protocols:
    • Each finalist must maintain social distancing at the promotional table.
    • Each finalist will be allowed to step forward to the AR table to place their bet within time allocated and thereafter step back.
    • This process will be repeated until all finalists have placed their bets for all 7 spins.
  1. The tournament will take place on main gaming floor at dedicated promotional table AR2. A dealer for each day will be dedicated to the tournament.
  2. Each chip will represent an unredeemable rand value of R10 for purposes of determining winners and ranking of players. These chips have no cash value and it cannot be redeemed for value in any form, or used to place bets at live games.
  3. R10 table limits apply to all heats. R200 maximum on the number, R100 minimum on outside chances in multiples of R100, R5,000 maximum on even money chances and R2,500 on columns and dozens. No call bets will be accepted.
  4. Players play for themselves, monies may not be pooled or transferred to other players. All chips must be returned to the respective table float at the end of each heat / round.
  5. No Proxies will be allowed during the Qualifying rounds.
  6. However, Proxies will be allowed in Finals should participants have more than one position in final Top 7 leader board at end of qualifying rounds.
  7. Should participants wish to elect representatives through a proxy, they may elect representatives who may not be co-participants in any of the respective stages. The nominated representatives will be required to play without any coercion and/or input/strategy from the nominating participants concerned.
  8. Proxys must not be currently refused entry or self-excluded.
  9. Chips are to be kept on the Table in a visible manner at all times.
  10. Chip “winning” from one heat / round session will not be carried over.
  11. 100% of the money received from buy-ins will go to the 1st Prize winner.
  12. Participants do not earn Rewards Programme points during tournament play.
  13. Tournament winnings won during each individual heat will be totalled and ranked to determine the top chip earners.
  14. Participants must bet during every spin.
  15. Should there be tied scores and there is a need for a spin off i.e. progressing to the next round or determining a position a Dealer will spin the Roulette ball in the wheel for the affected participants in alphabetical order of their surnames. The participant with the higher number (zero being a low number) will gain the higher position and the sequence will follow on respectively. The ranking order will be adjusted accordingly. In the event the same number is spun for more than one participant, the dealer will re-spin assigning the number spun alphabetically should there be a need.
  16. In the event that a time limit to place bets is relevant, such bets must be placed within the time limit and may not be adjusted once the participants time limit has expired or they have indicated they have finished betting, when the rotational marker that is being utilised for betting sequence has moved on to the next participant.
  17. Where utilized, the Master of Ceremonies will announce the start of each tournament session. Participants who are not present at the actual start of the respective session will forfeit their seats without any re-funds. The Master of Ceremonies will announce the allocated times, which may differ during the various stages of the tournament.
  18. Should a “NO SPIN” be declared by the Tournament Director whilst a rotational marker is being used, bets will not be changed and the ball will be re-spun.
  19. Whilst every reasonable effort will be taken to ensure the accurate recording of rankings/scores, the onus shall remain with participants to ensure that their rankings/scores are correct at all times. The casino reserves the right to make the necessary corrections as soon as it becomes aware of any founded discrepancies, which corrections could change the rankings/scores of participants and allocation of prizes.
  20. 100% buy-ins will be returned in the form of prize.
  21. Tournament Director’s decision (or a Management Representative thereof) will be deemed as final and no correspondence will be entered into.




All the new The Ridge Casino rewards cards on a a transparent background

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