Meet The Cast of Ek Joke Net 2

The much-anticipated sequel to the hysterically-funny South Africa-produced comedy, Ek Joke Net, hits local cinemas in May. Local fans will have the opportunity to meet members of the cast at movies@ The Ridge on Friday the 25th of April. Stars of Ek Joke Net 2, Hannes Brummer and Solomon Cupido, will be at The Ridge Casino’s cinema complex from 11:30 to 13:45 meeting their fans and signing autographs. Visitors are urged to bring shirts or other memorabilia for them to sign.

Ek Joke Net 2 is entirely locally directed and produced, with an all South African cast. As with the first hit film, Ek Joke Net 2 features a series of eye-wateringly funny pranks staged in a range of truly-South African settings, and orchestrated to catch unsuspecting victims totally unaware.
With this one, “nobody is safe”. Under the banner of the newly-established Comical Actors Commission, they prank their unsuspecting prey during every day activities, when they least expect it. Students find themselves in the midst of a drug bust, a blind man asks for help while buying condoms, video store assistants discover pornographic films in customers’ DVD cases, and a well-known rock band is threatened by police.

“The pranksters really take things up a notch in Ek Joke Net 2. The movie promises to be side-splitting stuff. We are excited about hosting two of the cast members at The Ridge and invite their fans to come down to meet them. It should be an entertaining morning, “says The Ridge Marketing Manager, Thapelo Modise.

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